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get the look for less | handbags

Posted by Ellie N. This post contains Amazon affiliate links. Read about our privacy policy. Get the look for less! Did you know that you could get a high-end, designer look (with Lug bags) without breaking the bank? I’ll share with you styles from Chanel, Coach, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and YSL, and which bags from Lug’s…Continue reading »

lug pacer VL review with video

Posted by Ellie N. It’s time for a Lug Pacer VL review! When Lug released their vegan leather line, my mind was blown. I’ve been collecting Lug since 2012, and though I wasn’t a Lug collector from their inception, I do consider myself in the know about their brand. And I never thought that, in…Continue reading »

where to find comparable lug live deals

posted by Ellie N. This post contains Amazon affiliate links. Read about our privacy policy. Have you been keeping up with Lug Live deals? Are you sometimes on the fence with your purchase? And then the deal expires and you’ve missed out? I have a few deals that are right around the price of the…Continue reading »

self-care inspo with the lug bento box

Posted by Ellie N. This post contains Amazon affiliate links. Read about our privacy policy. Get organized with the Lug Bento Box set! Perfect for organizing your self-care items like bath bombs, sheet masks, essential oils and the list goes on! You can store them on their side too for more space saving. Lug Bento…Continue reading »

is the #luglifebox for you?

Posted by Ellie N. Mystery and/or subscription boxes aren’t new, are they? To date, Lug has released 4 boxes of their own: the #luglifebox. But the big question is, are these boxes worth it?

how to get the best prices on lug when shopping on amazon

Posted by Ellie N. If you haven’t bought Lug on Amazon yet, you should start. And, if you regularly buy Lug on Amazon, I’ll share with you how I was able to get such AMAZING prices for my Lug items. To start, I’ll first share with you the items I’ve purchased from Amazon recently, Lug’s…Continue reading »

ways to maximize your lug rewards points

Have you signed up for Lug Rewards? If you haven’t yet, you should. And if you have, let’s make sure you’re getting all the rewards points that are up for grabs.

how to save even more when shopping on

Yay for Canadians because Lug will be on TSC today with four shows! Let’s hope for some great Showstoppers and prices! There are already some great prices at 40%+ off. For instance, the Paddle Pouch set is now $45 down from $75, and the Coupe is now $34 down from $60. The shows are as…Continue reading »

how to eliminate that minibus bag sag

Do you remember watching the perfect demonstration for the Lug Minibus? Did you recently buy the Minibus on Lug Live? Your Lug Mail arrives and you unwrap it and fill it up, only to realize there is no board in the bottom of the bag… so it constantly looks like it needs it’s diaper changed….Continue reading »

quickstep first impressions with comparisons

I recently received my Quickstep and have been using it for a few days and I’ve really come to enjoy it. It’s a nice oversized wallet crossbody that can house a couple of extra things. Quickstep Features:โ—‹ 13 card slots and 2 ID window card slotsโ—‹ 2 slip pockets for cash or receiptsโ—‹ pen loopโ—‹…Continue reading »

the lug ace tote bag vs the lug ace 2 convertible tote bag

It’s 2021 and Lug has come out with many a bag since these two hit the scene, so why do a comparison then? First, because I love Lug.Second, the Ace 2 is still available on and many other websites.Third, comparing it with the first Ace will show you how Lug continually builds “the better…Continue reading »

how to make your lug beaker face mask so much better

Posted by Ellie N. This post contains affiliate links. Read about our privacy policy. When Lug released their Beaker Face Mask, I was pretty excited to get my hands on them. Being able to to purchase these masks in our favourite prints and have them match back to our Lug collection was a great idea. And,…Continue reading »

how to pack a lug overnight bag as your go-bag

Posted by Ellie N. What’s a go-bag? And why do we need it? It is a bag that houses essentials, ready to “go”, in the event of an emergency where you need to evacuate your home. A bag that may be packed for times when a natural disaster might strike. In my province, we’ve had…Continue reading »

where can you find lug’s best sellers at some of the lowest prices?

Sometimes, we’re just looking for a great deal right? Who isn’t? The more you can save, the more Lug you can buy. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Especially when we take a look at what Lug has listed on their website as best sellers. I’ve used Lug’s website and compared it with a few other sites and found Amazon…Continue reading »

the lug presto – how many ways can you really wear it?

Posted by Ellie N. The Lug Presto video shows the model wearing it two ways. But how many ways can you really wear this bag? And are there other ways you can style them? The Lug Presto is one of my favourite bags. I was super excited to see them release a dressier bag, because…Continue reading »

how to load your lug roundabout for super bowl lv

Posted by Ellie N. If you’re like me, who loves Lug and the NFL, well, why not combine those two things? We’re all at home, probably not being able to show off our Lug collection as much as we like, but why not use our gems around the house? I’ll show you how to load…Continue reading »

because who doesn’t love a promo code?

Posted by Ellie N. There are still a few promo codes floating around out there, and here are a couple to help you out.

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