how to eliminate that minibus bag sag

how to eliminate that minibus bag sag

Do you remember watching the perfect demonstration for the Lug Minibus? Did you recently buy the Minibus on Lug Live?

Your Lug Mail arrives and you unwrap it and fill it up, only to realize there is no board in the bottom of the bag… so it constantly looks like it needs it’s diaper changed.

I went to YouTube to watch the Minibus presentations done on QVC again, and yup, there it was, bag sag in almost every video. How did I miss it?

photos via QVC YouTube channel

Now, I understand that your Minibus will look different depending on how you fill it. If you are using it as an overnight bag with clothes on the bottom, it will probably keep it’s shape.

But, if you are using it as a commuter bag or an everyday bag, this is for you.

I’ll first show you all the things I put in my Minibus, and how lumpy and bumpy it looked. All the small things in the picture below were organized into Lug CV envelopes and then placed in the bag.

The items I stored in the two front zippered compartments were:
sunglasses (in the soft-lined pocket), earbuds, hand cream, masks, gloves, wallet, pen (in pen slot), lip balm and car fob.

Contents of my Minibus:
○ 9.7 inch tablet
○ sunglasses
○ wireless earbuds
○ 2 small containers of skin product
○ hair ties
○ 2 masks
○ car fob
○ pen
○ hand sanitizer spray
○ hand cream
○ essential oil roller
○ lip balm
○ eye drops
○ cotton swabs
○ nail file
○ adhesive felt
○ keys
○ Lug Coupe
○ Lug Splits Compact wallet
○ dental floss/pick
○ small scissors
○ 12 oz. water bottle
○ cough lozenges
○ candy
○ wet wipes
○ Lug insulated pouch (filled with square food container, a fork, napkins and granola bars)
○ nail clipper
○ box cutter
○ bobby pins
○ bandages
○ couple of pairs of gloves

I’m sure you Lug nuts have guessed it by now that I used a bag insert. I measured the inside of the bag, bought a large one from Amazon, but it ended up being too large. So I ended up returning that, and buying a medium insert that worked perfectly! (Link is provided at end of post).

I placed this bag insert into the centre compartment. It’s the biggest compartment in this bag, so it’ll make the most sense to place it here.

I also attached my keys to the built in key string, and then placed my keys on the side of the bag insert so that it would not get in the way.

I placed my tablet in the front zippered compartment and my insulated pouch and water bottle in the back compartment.

The items I placed in the two front zippered compartments were:
Sunglasses (in the soft-lined pocket), earbuds, pen (in pen slot), lip balm and car fob.

And there you have it, your end result! No more bag sag! Yahoo!

Do you have a Minibus? Or did you buy one recently?
Comment below if you have any other tips and tricks to eliminate this problem.

Felt insert:

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