how to load your lug roundabout for super bowl lv

how to load your lug roundabout for super bowl lv

Posted by Ellie N.

If you’re like me, who loves Lug and the NFL, well, why not combine those two things? We’re all at home, probably not being able to show off our Lug collection as much as we like, but why not use our gems around the house? I’ll show you how to load your Lug Roundabout for super bowl LV.

I know a lot of you lug nuts use the Coupe as your house bag, but for the super bowl, we’re gonna need a little bit more room than that, so hear me out.

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We all have our buffet of food for the game (or at least we dream to), which usually include delicious finger food, albeit quite messy, like wings and pizza. And we’ll usually get comfortable on the couch before the game starts with a table of food in front of us right? So why not make that a little easier!

Front lined cell phone pocket:

How is it that, you can sit on the couch for a few hours, not move, and yet still lose the remote? Well! Stick your remote in the cell phone pocket! (I know this might not work for everyone, but give it a try). Mine was able to fit perfectly.

Main interior zip pocket:

You can never have too many wet-naps or Wet Ones, especially during this time. Hand getting sticky, greasy or gooey from all your awesome food? Grab a moist towelette from your card slots! What about that soft-lined pocket in the same interior? Slip in your bottle or corkscrew opener.

Back zipper pocket:

This is where you can hide some great essentials! The mesh zipper pocket is a great section to put a few hair clips and a hair tie, to keep your hair out of your face when munchin’ on food. Love a good claw clip instead? Throw that in there then! What else can go back there? Some of your special hot sauce. Because we all know that there’s hot sauce, and then there is HOT sauce. And to top it off, why not put in a mini flask of your favourite “good stuff” or a miniature bottle of it?

Back slip pocket:

This is a great place to store napkins! Because sometimes, you just can’t run back to the kitchen and risk missing a great play.

Pictures on how to load your Lug Roundabout for Super Bowl LV:

If you lug nuts have any other ideas as to what else would make an awesome game day bag, what things to put in the bag or what Lug you think you’d use, comment below! 😉

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