how to make your lug beaker face mask so much better

how to make your lug beaker face mask so much better

Posted by Ellie N.

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Lug Beaker Face Mask in Pineapple Navy & Heather Navy
Lug Beaker Face Mask in Pineapple Navy & Heather Navy

When Lug released their Beaker Face Mask, I was pretty excited to get my hands on them. Being able to to purchase these masks in our favourite prints and have them match back to our Lug collection was a great idea.

And, as of lately, Lug has been including a free pack of their Beaker 2 Face Mask 3-PK in most, if not all their orders.

When Lug had a buy one, get one free mask sale on their Beaker Face Mask, I ended up buying five 3-packs of the pineapple navy print and three 3-packs of the heather navy print. When they arrived, I was so excited to use them. Until I ran into a couple snags once I began wearing them.

Lug Beaker face mask pineapple cake anyone?
Lug Beaker face mask pineapple cake anyone?

Now, I am aware that Lug more than likely knows about all the issues I’ll be mentioning, or has read all the 3-star and under reviews for this mask in order to make improvements (that’s why we love Lug right?). And that’s probably the reason they released the Pocket Face Cover.

But, if you too were somewhat disappointed like me, after wearing your Beaker masks for a few weeks, I might be able to help.

I’ll give you some tips and hacks to improve the function of your mask. Even if you love this mask and gave it 4 or 5 star reviews, these tips will still come in handy.

Let’s get started!

Lug Beaker Face Mask PROS

– fun and colourful prints to match with most, if not all of your Lug wallets and bags
– water repellent fabric
– adjustable ear loops
– washable
– multi-layered safe guard
– opening for a disposable filter
– fabric has the tendency to get warm/hot, may come in handy for a fall/winter mask

Lug Beaker Face Mask CONS

– the ear loops may feel snug, especially for men
– shape may run long (north to south) for some, with extra fabric hanging off the chin
– not as breathable as advertised
– fabric has the tendency to get warm/hot, not so good for summer
– fogs up glasses

What tips will help?

1. When the ear loop adjusters are too snug on your Lug Beaker Face mask

If you have those ear adjusters right to the very end of your ear loops, then just take the adjusters off. Your ears will feel much better and you’ll relieve quite a bit of pressure.

Take the ear loop adjusters off

Take a bobby pin, bend it open. Use the end of the bobby pin to push the white loop into the side of the loop adjuster with the larger hole (one side of the adjuster is smaller than the other side). Do not use an uncoated bobby pin end, you will snag your fabric. You’ll be able to get enough of the ear loop through to the other side to pull it through completely.

2. When the fabric on the Lug Beaker Face mask is too long for your face

This trick can be done with ear loop adjusters on or off. Simply twist the loops once on each side of your mask before wrapping them around your ear. The mask will contour to your face a little bit more.

Twist your loop into a figure 8 before placing around the ears

Depending on your face shape, you may get some pleating at your cheek bones at the points where the loops twist. The more contoured around the chin, the more visible these pleats will be.

3. When the fabric is not breathable enough, too hot and/or fogs up glasses

Purchase a mask bracket. I found this extremely helpful when using my Beaker mask. The bracket allows for breathing room, literally. It will also reduce or eliminate the issue of your glasses fogging up.

I purchased a 3 pack off Amazon. It’s platinum silicone, skin safe and dishwasher safe. This one also came with adjuster straps.

Buy it here: – Silicone mask bracket set – Silicone mask bracket set

Platinum silicone brackets with adjuster

The adjuster is perfect for anyone who does not like the feeling of ear loops around their ears and would prefer something that wrapped around the head instead.

The bracket is also helpful for those who wear makeup, especially lipstick or lip gloss. No need to worry about it transferring to your mask, or your lipstick smudging due to your mask.

If the fabric is still too long on your face even after wearing a bracket, the loop twist trick will still work with the mask bracket and the adjuster.

What are your thoughts?

Did you have any trouble with the Beaker face mask? Any tips you found that helped you?

Leave a comment! And keep safe!

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