how to pack a lug overnight bag as your go-bag

how to pack a lug overnight bag as your go-bag

Posted by Ellie N.

What’s a go-bag? And why do we need it? It is a bag that houses essentials, ready to “go”, in the event of an emergency where you need to evacuate your home. A bag that may be packed for times when a natural disaster might strike. In my province, we’ve had forest fires, flooding and tornadoes.

If you’ve assembled your go-bag, good to hear! If you haven’t yet, why not consider using one (or two) of your Lug overnight bags to get it ready?

Why do I say Lug bags would make an awesome go-bag? Uh… because it’s Lug of course! No, I’m kidding. The organization in a Lug overnight bag comes in handy and may be able to relieve much stress by knowing where your things are.

Take a look at how you can get some ideas on how to organize your go-bag.

For this demonstration, I’ve used a Lug Pontoon weekender bag. I will be missing a few things in the pictures, because my husband and I actually use two bags, and split the small shared items. My husband uses the Boxer and I use the Pontoon.

Let’s get started!

Front double zipped kangaroo pouch

I love this pouch to store masks. I hadn’t thought of adding them, until the pandemic hit. But I think this pocket would be a great place to keep a number of them.

front double-zipped kangaroo pouch

Main front zippered pocket

I keep a couple of pens in here, credit cards, cash, an extra set of house keys and a notebook.

Main front zippered slim pocket has two pen holders, a key clip, two card slots and a passport pocket

Front slip pocket

I use this front slip pocket to keep any important documents I might need, like emergency contacts, a map, or a meeting place for family and friends in the city.

Front slip pocket with magnetic closure

Main interior

This will house the majority of your bulky items. I didn’t take a picture of the main interior because everything was stacked. Instead, I took all items out to show you what can fit in this section.

I managed to fit:

  1. A fresh pair of clothes (tucked into one of the elasticized compartments)
  2. A couple of hand towels that I will use as emergency towels (which also fit into the other elasticized compartment)
  3. A fleece sweater
  4. A pair of sneakers that I placed in the shoe compartment
  5. 12 packs of emergency water totaling 125 ml
  6. 1 package of emergency food containing 9 bars
  7. A first aid kit
  8. An emergency sleeping bag
  9. A pack of duct tape
  10. A 36 hour three wick candle
  11. A Lug UCB travel blanket and pillow 😉
  12. Hand sanitizers, toothpaste and a bar of soap (placed in privacy zip pocket)
  13. A Bible
All contents from the main interior

Back zippered compartment

I love this compartment for the small items. Here I’ve even repurposed the “jewellery” compartment for feminine hygiene.

What I have packed in this section:

  1. A disposable mask
  2. A hand-crank light / AM/FM / USB device charger combo
  3. A hooded rain poncho
  4. Water purification tablets
  5. A whistle
  6. A multi-function army knife
  7. Waterproof matches
  8. Emergency tissues
  9. Assorted feminine hygiene
  10. Sanitizing wipes
Back zippered compartment with clearview zippered pockets

There are many ideas for a go-bag and it’s easy enough to check online how to create yours. Another option is ordering a kit but using a Lug bag that works best!

Other items from Lug that would be helpful if you don’t have these built-in clear pockets, are their Clearview envelopes, Transport envelopes, Bento Box set, Round Trip pouches, Mini Trolley and even the Trolley.

What do you Lug nuts think? Have you used your Lug overnight bag already for this idea?

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