how to save even more when shopping on

how to save even more when shopping on

Yay for Canadians because Lug will be on TSC today with four shows! Let’s hope for some great Showstoppers and prices!

There are already some great prices at 40%+ off. For instance, the Paddle Pouch set is now $45 down from $75, and the Coupe is now $34 down from $60.

The shows are as follows for February 26, 2021:
○ 11am EST
○ 2pm EST
○ 5pm EST
○ 8pm EST

But now I’ll share with you 4 ways to get the most bang for your buck while you shop for Lug on today.

Let’s get started!

TSC 20% OFF PROMO CODE pop-up for you to receive 20% off

Head over to and sign up for your 20% off promo code. You’ll be able to use your promo code on basically every low price except for a Showstopper. You can apply the promo code to items with headers like “THIS VISIT ONLY”, “BIRTHDAY SPECIAL” or “INTRODUCTORY PRICE”.

Did the box not pop up? Close your window/tab and clear your cache. Then visit again and it’ll pop up.

Already signed up to Use an old email, your spouse’s email, a friend’s, your kid’s email, your pet’s email or make up a new one!


If you aren’t familiar with Rakuten yet, it’s a website that gives you cashback for shopping online. Visit their website to create an account, then search for in the search bar to start shopping and earning cashback.

I have been using Rakuten since January of 2016 (when it was still called Ebates), and I average around $100 of cashback a year. Of course that isn’t just from shopping on, but on other websites also. Every little amount adds up and they’ll send you a cheque quarterly.

Right now, through Rakuten, shopping at will earn you 1.5% cashback. There are times when Rakuten has given 5% cashback for shopping with TSC, I know that may not seem like a lot, but trust me, all your shopping trips add up. And here in AB, that means I just got my tax back.

When you are shopping through Rakuten, MAKE SURE YOUR CART IS EMPTY. You may have already filled it the night before with a few of those “THIS VISIT ONLY” deals, but clear it. Rakuten does not and will not honour items that were already in your cart.


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Have a friend that lives nearby who also loves Lug? Tell them about all the Lug deals that’ll be or that are on TSC. Go in on an order together to get that shipping cost down. I used to do this all the time when making orders on before they offered free shipping for $100+ orders, and I continue to split shipping on TSC with friends who love Lug too.


TSC Easy Pay

If you budget a certain amount a month to treat yourself or only want to buy Lug items that are on sale, but putting in one big order will break the bank, then think about Easy Pay.

This option will be easier on you and you won’t have to pass up on that awesome Showstopper or those 40% off deals.

Happy shopping everyone!

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