is the #luglifebox for you?

is the #luglifebox for you?

Posted by Ellie N.

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Mystery and/or subscription boxes aren’t new, are they? To date, Lug has released 4 boxes of their own: the #luglifebox.

But the big question is, are these boxes worth it?

When these boxes initially launched, the prices were set at $179 CAD / $149 USD.

What you can expect in your #luglifebox:

  • 3 full-size Lug items
  • Customer favorite silhouettes in unique colorways and brand-new Lug fabrications
  • 1 Lug T-Shirt – color randomly chosen at shipment
  • Exclusive & collectible Lug items
  • Exclusive special offers
  • LugLife Rewards bonus points opportunities

If you’ve purchased the box when it first launched, then you’ve received more than the actual value of the box.

Let’s go through these items one-by-one and what they’re valued at. I will not be counting the vouchers in the value of the box, as you will need to spend more money to use it. Also, many were not able to use them from previous boxes – thus, not everyone is benefiting from those vouchers.

I also will not be counting the pins and notebooks, I feel that those should just be counted as special swag that is a given for buying a #luglifebox.

Let’s get started! (Prices will be according to prices).

An estimated value of items in this box:

Coin Pouch $15 CAD / $12 USD

Puddle Jumper Packable Backpack FS $69 CAD / $55 USD

Sprinkle Umbrella $44 CAD / $35 USD

VL Coupe $94 CAD / $75 USD

Shirt $28 CAD / $22 USD (This is a guess based off of what Lug shirts are selling for on Lug Live)

TOTAL: $250 CAD / $199 USD

However, Lug has now raised the price on this box from $179 CAD to $240 CAD, and from $149 USD to $199 USD. So now, you’re pretty much just getting what the box is worth.

From all the items that are in this box that are currently for sale on, only the VL Coupe from these boxes are a limited edition style. The black VL Coupe from these boxes are either lined with lily grey (spring box) or leopard brown (wild box) with an adjustable strap matching the lining. VL Coupes that are for sale on will not have these linings.

Value versus other boxes

Now, let’s talk about value compared to other popular mystery and/or subscription boxes out there. You can find many out there right around $25 with a box value of $100-$120. Which means you are getting a 70%-80% discount off of the retail value of the box.

What about Lug? Even though the #luglifebox is not priced at $25 for a $100+ value, we’ll compare the discount percentage you are getting with the box. You are getting around 25%-30% off the retail value. Which isn’t very much.

A few weeks later, I might add, there were sales to be found on items from this box.

Yes, I understand there is a lot of other factors that may go into a subscription box – but for the sake of comparing prices of popular boxes, this is what I consider. Value for price.

When the #luglifebox is for you:

– you love everything Lug and do not care about which colour ways or prints you receive and you are out to collect everything and anything Lug makes
– you want to receive the newest things from Lug
– you view the vouchers that are included as an asset
– you absolutely LOVE being surprised and love the concept of a mystery/subscription box
– money and what the box is valued at versus price is NOT an issue

When the #luglifebox is NOT for you:

– you are a specific colour, print and/or item collector of Lug
– you prefer to choose what to spend your money on
– you do not like surprises
– you’ve been disappointed by other subscription boxes and/or #luglifeboxes
– you want to see a higher value for price paid for a box

Lastly… Did I get the #luglifebox?

I did not. And did I regret it? I did not. I am a Lug nut, don’t get me wrong. But my Lug collection is a very personal thing. The Lug bags that appeal to me, may not appeal to you. So, I wouldn’t be the person to dish out $179 CAD into a box that I wasn’t sure of what I was getting. And, personally, I didn’t want $44 out of $179 to go towards an umbrella.

I was incredibly excited though, to see the VL Coupe. But I was even more excited to know it would be coming out soon and I could pick a colour that I actually wanted.

I would like to see Lug make a subscription box around the $125 CAD / $100 USD price mark with at least a doubled value of the box (e.g. paying $125 CAD / $100 USD and receiving $250 CAD / $200 USD value), not a 25%-30% discount price. That way, the box is more affordable and follows the price point of an average subscription box.

How do you feel about the #luglifebox?

Did you get the #luglifebox? Did you love it? Did you not?
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