the lug presto – how many ways can you really wear it?

the lug presto – how many ways can you really wear it?

Posted by Ellie N.

Lug Presto convertible handbag

The Lug Presto video shows the model wearing it two ways. But how many ways can you really wear this bag? And are there other ways you can style them?

The Lug Presto is one of my favourite bags. I was super excited to see them release a dressier bag, because sometimes, you just need one right? Why? Why does Lug need to keep dressy bags in their collection?

Because a few years ago, my friend (who also loves Lug) was all dolled up for her brother’s wedding. She looked absolutely gorgeous! But what did she bring to the ceremony and reception? A Lug Sidekick! My heart sank, and I just thought, there has to be a better way. Enter the Presto.

Let’s really dive into how many ways you really can style this bag!

Lug Presto as a Crossbody

This is definitely a nice go-to style for your everyday! Attach the longer strap and extend it to your perfect length and you’re ready to be hands free.

Lug Presto as an over the shoulder bag (long strap)

Extend your strap for the top of your bag to hit you right at the hip or just a tad below, it’s a cute alternative to the crossbody

extend the strap for crossbody or over the shoulder with a long strap

Lug Presto as a short shoulder bag

This is perfect for the crook of your arm, or having that nice elegant purse over your shoulder

attach the short strap for an over the shoulder or crook of the arm, elegant look

Lug Presto as an over the shoulder bag (again, but long strap shortened to it’s maximum)

So, sometimes having the shortest strap is a little snug, especially when we wear jackets or our heavy winter coats. Need a little more room? Use the longer strap, but shorten the strap to it’s max. You’ll still have that elegant look but a little more breathing room

use your longer strap and shorten it to it’s maximum

Lug Presto as an oversized clutch

I love a large clutch! Especially since you usually can’t get anything into a traditional one. Take off the strap and wear it under the arm like a clutch.

Love this idea, but not loving the fact that Lug didn’t include a wristlet strap? I have a hack for you. Take the short shoulder strap, and connect it to one D-ring. But don’t connect both clips to the D-ring, you’ll want to clip them to each other. Confused? See my picture below. Click image for a larger view.

Give it personality!

Now here are some tips to style your Lug Presto to give it a little personality. Grab your favourite skinny scarf or neckerchief to dress up your bag.

animal print neckerchief around the short strap for some pop
neckerchief through the D-ring and tied in your favourite knot or bow

Lug Hack!

The other popular hack for Lug bags are switching out your existing straps from other Lug bags or wallets. Give it a try!

One last hack to show you is, buying a different strap all together. Why? Because, sometimes, the nylon strap doesn’t cut it for your outfit. Maybe you need something a little dressier than that. I purchased a gun metal chain to match the Lug hardware perfectly. The chain is on the heavy side, but, remember you only want this strap for your formal occasions!

I love the look of the gun metal chain strap both ways. I think it really makes the Presto look like a high-end bag. And don’t worry about the strap getting twisted, it too has a swivel head.

I’d love to see Lug come out with new prints in the Presto, having the bubble quilting be a print, with the rest of the bag and trim remaining a solid colour.

What are your thoughts?

How are you enjoying your Presto? Have I convinced you to pick one up? Do you have anymore ideas on how to wear this bag? Leave it in the comments!

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