quickstep first impressions with comparisons

quickstep first impressions with comparisons

I recently received my Quickstep and have been using it for a few days and I’ve really come to enjoy it. It’s a nice oversized wallet crossbody that can house a couple of extra things.

Quickstep Features:
○ 13 card slots and 2 ID window card slots
○ 2 slip pockets for cash or receipts
○ pen loop
○ interior zippered flap compartment (with card slots)
○ large zippered compartment (second zippered compartment)
○ back zippered compartment with a clearview slot
○ adjustable and removable crossbody strap
○ removable wristlet strap
○ entire wallet has RFID shielding

My first impressions of the Quickstep:
This is a great option if you only need your cards, cash, phone and maybe a lip balm. You can always push the limit of how many things you’d like to put into the second and back zipper compartment of the wallet, but you will compromise the look. You could also clip your keys and car fob to the D-rings, but it will feel heavier and may look like you have a lot going on.

I like the vertical configuration of the card slots. I find this helps with the ease of pulling out and returning cards. The horizontal placement of cards is a popular style in many of Lug’s wallets, but can sometimes make it difficult retrieving your cards when you have 7 cards overlapping each other.

I found the centre zippered flap compartment handy for stamp cards and the cash/receipt slip pockets are nice and tall/wide.

I used the second zippered compartment to house my phone (Note 9), lip balm and a glass cloth. I couldn’t fit much else in there, comfortably at least.

I put a couple of wet ones in the back zippered compartment and had transit tickets and my small building key fob in the clearview window.

Now, let’s do a quick comparison with other wallets.

Splits Compact
Why compare the Splits Compact? Because this is the wallet I switched over from to the Quickstep.

Quickstep in wildlife black and Splits Compact in bouquet blue

The Splits Compact wallet is a great wallet to put into any size handbag, but if you are looking for a thinner profile and are able to leave some cards at home, you may like the idea of the Quickstep.

The Splits Compact does hold more cards than the Quickstep, but in my opinion, not by much. I know Lug advertises the Splits Compact as having 24 card slots, but I find it really has 16 card slots, with one ID card slot and the rest are slip pockets for other things, because you really aren’t able to see some of these cards without having to dig them out.

○ more card slots
○ compact

○ no crossbody or wristlet strap
○ not large enough for a phone (obviously…)

Kickflip 3
The Kickflip 3 would be, in my opinion, the wallet that is the most similar to the Quickstep for function and convertibility.

Quickstep in wildlife black and Kickflip 3 in dragonfly navy

○ adjustable and removable crossbody strap
○ wristlet strap (removable or stationary)
○ large enough to house a cell phone
○ clearview window on back of wallet
○ two cash/receipt slip pockets
○ zippered compartment within wallet (privacy in the Quickstep and clearview in the Kickflip 3)

The Kickflip 3 has more card slots than the Quickstep does (23 and one ID card slot). While the Quickstep has 13 card slots and 2 ID card slots.

With the Kickflip 3, you will have separation from your cards. Your most frequently used 7 cards will be in the front, while 16 not so frequently used can be placed in the large zippered compartment.

Your cell phone can go into the large zippered compartment, but it will share real estate with whatever you put in that compartment (16 cards, cash, receipts, lip gloss, etc.).

The Kickflip 3 does have a slip pocket at the back (which the Quickstep does not). Some like to put their phone here, but if you have no case or screen protector, you will risk scratching your screen against the D-rings.

○ more card slots
○ back slip pocket

○ D-ring placement (may scratch phone)
○ smaller ID window on the back (vs the Quickstep)

Roundabout 2 Convertible Wallet
If you have the Roundabout 2 and love the size and function but are thinking of moving over to a Quickstep, you will have a lot less room.

Roundabout 2 in bouquet red and Quickstep in wildlife black

Yes, both are classified as a wallet crossbody, but the Roundabout 2 has about a 1 and 3/8 inch gusset in it’s second zipper compartment which allows for more essentials, like hand sanitizer, masks, lip balm, keys, etc. The Roundabout 2 will also come with a dedicated soft-lined phone pocket.

The Roundabout 2 however has less card slots (12 card slots, one ID card slot), and only one cash/receipt slip pocket and one zippered compartment for coins. The zippered compartment can act as a divider though for receipts to be placed on either side.

○ larger gusset in second zippered compartment with wipeable interior and additional organizational features
○ dedicated soft-lined phone pocket
○ interior soft-lined cargo pocket for glasses
○ able to convert to a belt bag

○ large wallet, bordering on small crossbody bag
○ less card slots

Pitter Patter
Why the Pitter Patter when it’s not really a wallet? Because it’s very similar to a Roundabout 2, with a smaller overall gusset and a built-in wallet. It’s also the only north/south design that’s close enough to compare with the Quickstep when it’s in crossbody mode.

Quickstep in wildlife black and Pitter Patter in palm sunset

Similar to the Roundabout 2, it has a dedicated soft-lined phone pocket, but has less card slots than the Quickstep – 10 card slots and 2 ID slots.

There’s a middle zippered compartment that also acts as a divider. There is no slip pocket for cash or receipts, but you can combine your coins and cash in your zipper compartment, and place your receipts on either side of the zippered compartment divider.

There is no back slip compartment, but you do have a front slip pocket with a magnetic flap closure.

○ front slip pocket with magnetic closure
○ dedicated soft-lined cell phone pocket
○ second zippered compartment for essentials
○ able to convert to a belt bag

○ less card slots
○ technically not a wallet, classified as a hip bag/crossbody bag
○ phone pocket is quite small, may not be able to fit a large phone with a case

Are you planning on getting the Quickstep? Do you have one? What do you think of it?

Comment below!

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