ways to maximize your lug rewards points

ways to maximize your lug rewards points

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Have you signed up for Lug Rewards? If you haven’t yet, you should. And if you have, let’s make sure you’re getting all the rewards points that are up for grabs.

If you haven’t signed up to their rewards system yet, no sweat, it’s really easy. Visit luglife.com, click on to “Rewards” and it’ll prompt you to a sign-up page. Boom, you’re signed up.

A quick breakdown of the benefits of signing up:

But, there is a potential 1,700 points up for grabs before you even make a purchase. Which will work out to $15 USD/$18.75 CAD. How?

Once you sign up for Lug Rewards, you will receive 200 points for signing up. There you go, 200 points in your account, just like that.

While logged in, head over to “Account”, under the Lug Life Account header, click “Rewards”. Scroll down to the section under “Earn LugLife Points”.

What are the other activities you’ll need to complete for more points?

Refer a friend:

When you click “Complete activity”, you’ll be given the option to copy and paste your unique link to share. Your personalized link will give your friend $10 USD off their first purchase over $50 USD or more, and in Canada $12.5 CAD off their first purchase over $62.5 CAD.

Add your birthdate:

An easy thing to fill for another 100 points!

Subscribe to mailing list:

If you signed up for a new account, more than likely this activity has been done automatically for you.

But, if you are in Canada and haven’t reactivated your account when luglife.ca and luglife.com amalgamated, then you will see this in your activities to complete.

Like Lug on Facebook:

This is yet another easy way to put 100 reward points into your account. Not social? Sometimes it’s a good idea to just have a profile to be able to complete activities such as these, to earn rewards. A lot of my friends who don’t want to be on social media, will often have a profile just for entering contests or earning rewards. Why not?

Follow Lug on Instagram:

And again, an easy way to put 100 reward points into your account.

Write a Product Review:

This will be the best way to keep accumulating rewards points on items purchased on luglife.com. If you’re not a review person, just keep it simple.

You can review a product you’ve purchased every 7 days. If you regularly shop on Lug’s website, this will be a great way to keep earning points. What if you’ve ordered the Pirouette in multiple colours? You can review all those colours and receive points for them! YES!

So if you tend to buy more than one colour, remember to put that specific colour in your review. This also helps your fellow Lug nuts know you aren’t just writing the same review over and over again.

So set a reminder on your phone every 7 days to write another review on something you’ve purchased. Why? So that you’ll be ready to use your points when a sale comes around, or a new product launches and it’s a must have. You don’t want to be kicking yourself, knowing you got behind on your reviews when a new product comes out, and you could’ve redeemed your points!

The more you spend over 12 months, the more you will earn

Do you Lug nuts have any other tips on earning rewards points with Lug?
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